Dare Dorm

Real submitted dorm room footage from real students !!

Neighbors From The Dorm

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dare dorm

dare dorm

This time I decided to send my amateur production depicting dare dorm. In the picture you can see the author is me: P and my two wonderful, beautiful and hot neighbor from the dorm. One evening when I played in one of his favorite games, the girl suddenly rushed to my room. Were completely drunk. I guess they did not know that my room non-stop is recorded by a camera hidden in a flower. Drunk students from the dorm began to undress before my eyes. I suspect that even they did not know that I am in the room because I’m hardly the type of guy who has success. When you were completely naked, they began to kiss passionately, and I grabbed my cock in his hand and began to masturbate. Female students had a pretty good body. Hundreds of times to masturbate, and in my mind they were two. Surprisingly, turned and took in the turnover of sticking my dick. I will never forget this adventure from the dorm! Want to see what these chicks do with me? Dare Dorm

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